[Webinar] Redefining ecommerce success: The journey to investor-ready financials

To get the best outcome from a loan application, equity fundraising, or M&A opportunity, ecommerce companies must ensure their financials are investor-ready.


What are investor-ready financials?

Financial statements are ready to be given to an investor with no additional work – prepared on an accrual basis per GAAP and free from material misstatement that would impact an investor or any key stakeholders’ decision. Financial accounts and categories are grouped in a manner appropriate to an ecommerce business to maximize clarity for all relevant stakeholders, including management, banks, auditors, investors, and board members.


How to prepare yours

Ecom CFO founder Sam Hill joined Settles’ Head of Partnerships, Anna Briggs, and A2X’s Head of Marketing, Geoffrey Gualano, in conversation about how to prepare your financials and what metrics are most important.


What you’ll learn

  • The stages of ‘Investor-Ready Financials’
  • Why accrual is better than cash
  • Top 5 metrics your investors, lenders, and acquirers care about
  • What you need in terms of accounting, systems, and people
  • Obstacles and mistakes to avoid
  • Q&A with the hosts


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